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After a long, hot summer...

It has finally cooled down a bit and it is not only possible but also comfortable to wear fetish clothes again! The older you get, the less you want to wear anything that is not comfortable - like wearing latex when it is +30 c is simply NOT an option anymore. Unless in a pool...hmm....

I had a great summer anyhow. I was at New York visiting Countess Dionysus and Mrs Weltsova, both long term sadists and great Mistresses and Shermie, famous leather daddy who teaches various BDSM workshops and knows NY inside and out. My trip was short, just a few days, but I stayed at Manhattan and got to see many places because of the wonderful company and hosts I had. Thank you for your hospitality once more!

My sissy maid has proven herself to be valuable for me also during the summer cleaning windows, ironing and taken care of my wardrobe and feet. Sissy Milla, muah! x

Good news from Tampere as well: I have a small, but very workable dungeon at the city to use now. The other dungeon is at Helsinki and so I am available for sessions in both cities if our timetables match.

I have sharp, black & gold color nails at the moment which makes typing a bit of a challenge so I just welcome you to book a session with me and submit!


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