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About me

First and foremost I am pretty happy Lady. I have no need to hide my sadistic side and so I can let it beam without any guilt, shame or trauma interfering or affecting it. It is black & white shamanism used creatively in the field of BDSM, the talent I carry. I have been a lifestyle and professional Mistress for more than 25 years. That is enough time for a person to come at peace within Her own shadows and when agreed let the submissive to ignite my demons to dance with his in harmony.


My way in D/s is intense and enchanting and I am a passionate Woman who has always been into GIVING PAIN & ENJOYING POWER EXCHANGE.


I started my experimental in BDSM year 1992 when I put an ad to the biggest daily newspaper in Finland and got 660 replies written by hand. I chose only the ones who were the most interesting for me and who were the most hardcore masochists, because I wanted to have as much as possible playground to try on different things. Finally I met about 30 people and 10 of them I had various kinds of relationships going on for more or less successfully for the next 10 years.


1994 I learned how to do body piercings guided by british hypnotist/body piercing & tattoo artist. That was by then my main profession until 2004. You may ask for a piercing to be done during the session, but needling in general does not fascinate me anymore.


During the years 1994-1998 I wrote a countless of stories to many different erotic magazines in Finland and also held a column in Tabu magazine called: Ask kinky stuff! I have worked at the first phone sex company in Finland and at sex exhibitions selling different sorts of erotic outfits and stuff and especially organizing and managing various shows.


Year 1993 I was organizing Kinky Club parties and in year 1995 we registered the first organization in Finland for sadomasochists in which I was a chairman. I wrote a lot to our own club magazine and also made the monthly letters to members.


I am well civilized, since I do have another career and life as well outside of being a Mistress. I sing a lot, play piano & flute, follow politics and speak excellent english, good swedish, turkish and do know a bit of german, french and hebrew. I love alternative & world music, classical music especially Händel, belly dancing, swimming, sea, travelling, spicy food, good red wine and red roses & dark, mint chocolate.


My fetishes include leather first and foremost, gloves, smoking, french maid outfits and I am very enthusiastic about single tails and bullwhips. More about my interests in a "sessions" section.


My favorite poem of all times:


Time has gnawed at me, bit me and has cut me.

Time has harmed, wounded and injured me,

and has destroyed my men who have died together.

This has made me restless.

They were not a harbour for the cruel

Just like the sun which is no shelter for the people.

We saw horses galloping

and flying dust.

And riders, having lustrous, broad swords and grey spears;

Whose swords turn faces deathly white, whose spears cut bodies.

We defeated those who thought

they would never be defeated.

And whoever thinks that they will not be harmed

thinks of the impossible.

We avoid dishonourable deeds and honour our guests.

And we store the praise (of people).

We wear armour in war

And silk, wool and cotton during peace.


-Al Khansa

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