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I have spent many years digging into the slave psyche, understanding his deepest fetishes, his instant submissive triggers. Things that make the slave face his addiction and drop to his knees. I combine that with my skill and creativity in writing eroticism as well. If this goes right to your submissive soul, send me a polite email and beg me to write an erotic fantasy about you and your fetishes. If your note pleases me, we will discuss details and your tribute for my precious attention. DO IT NOW!

I have collected here a few of my novels -

some fantasy, some which have really happened:



Wearing the chastity belt for a month had been harder to bear that I`d expected. I mean, I was skeptical about it when she first suggested it saying that she wanted me to wear it for a month to demonstrate my devotion to her, but as she slowly talked me into it I managed to convince myself that it couldn`t be all that bad especially since I`d know it would be removed eventually. I hadn`t realized how frustrated I could get or that frustration could actually drive me to tears.


”I really want you to do this”, she said. ”I want to know that you`re this serious about our relationship. Honey, if you want me to be your Domme, I want to know that you can take being dominated for a long time without a break.”

”You mean you want to test me”, I said, not sure whether to feel hurt or not.

”Uhm...yes, I do. Look honey, do you really know that you want to be committed to me? Do you really know that you won`t get bored with it someday and want to change things? Because I`ll love you even if you`re not my slave, but if we`re going to try to be serious about this thing I do want to know it`s going to work. So yes, I am saying I want to test you.”

”Uuh, yeah, I see your point. But a whole month? I mean admittedly the idea has intense fantasy potential, but...”

”Dear, it would also please me and excite me to know that I had you locked up.” She gave me that sly smile that always set butterflies in my stomach. I think she knows it has that effect on me. ”I`d enjoy” she drew out the word ”enjoy” deliciously. ”I`d enjoy knowing how frustrated you were getting. I`d love knowing all the time even when we´re apart that you`re mine and that you`re suffering for me.” She was getting turned on talking about it and well, seeing him turned on does things to me...

”What if I can`t take it?” I asked nervously. ”And does the chastity belt really work as they say? I mean is it really practical for wearing it such a long time?”

”I`ll have the key wench. If we absolutely have to take it off, we can. But I really want you to wear it the whole month”.


We talked like that off and on for a couple of weeks. She made sure I knew how much the idea excited him. She took me to a nice spa, took me to parties and made love to me also in a simple way. We were sitting by the fireplace that night when I eventually, trembling agreed and she locked the thing on me. It was a month before her birthday.


It was deliciously exciting to have her lock me up, knowing that I could not free myself and knowing that the plan was for me to wear that harness and show my devotion like that. So I felt myself really valuable while she locked me there and my eyes were see-through glass when I looked at her in love.


That night she played with me and the frustration was a spice added to our lovemaking. She was very gentle, stroking me here and there and I made love to her with my hands and my mouth. It was a strange feeling that my ass was not bare like it usually was when we played and frustrating to know that I was not about to orgasm myself for next month, but it was the kind of frustration that can be fun in bondage. ”This isn`t so bad, ” I thought. A month is a long time but at least I know the date”.


Over the next two weeks, the frustration stopped being so much fun, but it wasn`t too bad. My desires, being thwarted, diminished made the chastity belt easier to bear. I got used washing with it on, managing to get enough soapy water to run under it to keep me clean. I got used to the way it felt under my clothes and slowly, oh so slowly, started becoming less self-conscious about it.


I almost convinced myself that I really didn`t mind pleasing her without being able to take the same kind of pleasure. I almost convinced myself that the feel and taste of her pussy when I went on my knees in front of her or the moaning sounds she made, didn`t have to result my cock struggling in its prison and my mind feeling trapped by my lack of release. Almost.


After 3 weeks I was starting to feel little crazy. ”I`m not sure whether I can stand this love.” ”Oh, is it really that bad? You`ve gone longer without sex before, haven`t you?”

”Well yes, but I could masturbate then”.

”Think of it as a challenge. See whether you can master your desires. Do it for me, darling, please?”

I gulped. ”I think I can manage a little longer, but yes, this is starting to drive me crazy!”


The last 3 days she removed the key from it´s hiding place and started wearing it around her neck. ”The month is almost up,” she said ”and it looks like you have passed my test. Are you glad? Are you happy to know you can take being mine so we can make our relationship permanent?”


Yes, yes, oh yes I was glad. I was in ecstasy that the hell was nearly over and also of the fact that her dominance over me which I loved was not over, but the marking of our knowing it would just endure.


So yes, wearing a chastity belt for a month had been harder than I`d imagined, but I`d survived it. I`d thought to beg her for release, but I`d never thought to use my safe word to escape.


And tonight, on her birthday, it had been a month. She led me to our bedroom, lit several candles and tied me to the bed muttering sweet compliments to me the whole time, stroking me as she would a cat. A bowl of ice sat on the bedside table, alongside a couple of neatly folded towels. A glass of something clear sat on the dresser with a plate resting on top of it. She stripped while I watched and then said: ”Lick me”.


When she was tired of that she sat astride my belly, squeezing my nipples. ”You made it”, she said. It´s been a month.”


”Yes my Queen”.


”Do you want to continue to be mine after this?”


”Yes, I do!” I was excited beyond belief and as much in love with her as the day, I first got to know her.


She smiled and said: ”Good because I want to keep you! I don`t want it to be a game. We´ve been playing pretty seriously, but we`ve both known there was a time limit. Now I know you can handle that kind of intensity for a long time. Do you want it? Do you want to continue permanently as my own? This deep?”


”Yes, anything! I`m yours!”


I swear she started to breathe harder and sweating a little. ”I want this to be real. I want you to get a golden piercing to your penis where´s my name in it. And I want to get married and you`re going to get my name. And I want to know that I can continue to use you whenever I want, to punish you whenever I want and even lock you up when I want from now on.”


My heart raced. I cried of happiness. I was frightened too to make such a commitment for life, but I already knew that I couldn`t handle any more without him. ”Yes Mistress, I consent. I want that too.”


”Do you want it enough to give up your safeword?”


”Yesss! I am ALL yours, my love!”


She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. ”Oh God how I love you and you are mine!” She leaned forward to lick my nipples and the key on its chain brushed against my chest. I moaned and called out my love for her.


Finally, she stopped, picked up the key and said: ”Well, it`s time to deal with this, no?”


I looked at her in agony, hungrily.


She removed the chain from around her neck. She took the key off from the chain. She went to the glass of clear liquid on the dresser and uncovered it. ”A toast”, she said, ”to you showing me you could pass my test!” She lifted the glass and the key.


She dropped the key into the glass where it fizzed and foamed and slowly dissolved.


My heart fell. Actually, I think it stopped. She watched my face, grinning, as I laid there disbelieving.


”I have a soldering iron in the bedside table”, she said very quietly. ”I`m going to fill the keyhole with solder. You`re mine forever, my love”.


-Lady Muse-


Morning fantasy


As she wakes up the slave is already awake. In fact, he has been awake all night watching her sleeping, being chained to the radiator and lying next to her feet. She gives one look to his hard on and says in a soft voice: -Good morning slave. I have a task for you.

She then opens up his handcuffs and commands him to the floor, forehead on a carpet, palms facing up and puts her feet on them. There they will breathe together for 10 minutes, transferring energy both ways. Once she feels empowered enough she moves to the bathroom dragging the slave with her by grabbing his earlobe. -Sit on a floor slave. It is time for your shower.

Once the slave has showered in a golden rainfall he`ll wait with a towel when Lady steps out naked from her shower. The slave dries her up, brushes her hair and then waits, watching the floor. But the Lady is not finished yet - she says he needs to sit on a toilet seat because he has too much hair on his head. So the Lady shaves his head, naked, slowly, until his bald is shiny and soft to touch.

The slave didn`t like that - he was fond of his hair and now looks sad. -I do not like you looking like that slave; remember, you`ve agreed to please me and that is how I want to see you. You better smile like there is no tomorrow immediately or I`ll have to cane you to cause a very different kind of reaction in you!!

The slave forces himself to smile and nods. It is not enough for a Lady. She then takes him to the living room, ties him up to the bench and gets her cane. I warned you. Now count boy, starting from 21 we will be proceeding towards zero!

Once the slave shouts SIX he is already crying. There are tears in his eyes and she takes a break by moving close to his face and gives him a kiss, all of a sudden. Long, intense and a kiss so passionate that there is nothing else to do than to respond and follow. -I love you so I will hurt you, she says. I`ll continue now, gather yourself!

When the caning is over she unties him and tells him to kiss her feet, ankles, then knees and up to her ass, slowly and gently.

Now, they are both calm and ready for the day.


Evening fantasy


During the day the slave has missed his duty. He has not obeyed orders to let his Mistress know how the difficult task is progressing which is outside of their relationship but makes Mistress worry for her property state of mind. 12 hour has passed and there´s no sign of a slave.


Mistress gets anxious and when she gets anxious, she dances, plans and builds energy. She feels the frustration of the slave; he wants to be totally hers, but there are still some cords to be cut off first. That is up for a slave himself and Mistress can`t guide him on that. She can only wait, in flames.


he calls Her milady according to Lady`s wishes...

Yet she is not his Lady, because their relationship isn`t out in the open...

he is not wearing a chastity belt or a collar.

Mistress has not yet made her mind up about branding him - in what way and when if not at all?

Will the slave follow the lead or is he taking too many liberties while minding his own business, relatives?


It is obvious by now to Mistress that the slave has crossed the limit. -I will make him pay for this, she says to her image in the mirror while she puts fingerless, black leather gloves to her hands. Then she wears a camouflage skirt, boots, and sleeveless t-shirt and leather bikini underneath them. She gets a telescope baton from her closet and a soundproof leather hood.

She lights up her cigarette and waits.

Evening fantasy part two


By the time the doorbell finally rings, Mistress has not smoked just one, but three cigarettes and her needs of take care and punish the slave has grown up to a level where there is no return. She caresses her telescope baton and whispers to herself: -Finally....and when she says so, she feels a hot wave on her lower stomach and pussy.


She opens the door, jumps and grabs the slave by her arm over the throat and strikes mercilessly to the slave's backside knees. He drops down immediately and Mistress puts a hood on him very fast. She takes the keys and locks the hood in place and kicks the slave to his ass commanding him to go to the living room. -Now step up, stand straight, she says! Go and lean on that pillar, right now! Stay there, do not even think to move!


The slave is stunned and simply couldn`t move even if he wanted to. Everything has happened so quickly. He has just been attending to his relatives funeral and comes to find consolation and empathy even from his Mistress and she beats him with a telescope baton? This was not the Lady the slave knew before. He is really terrified since he hasn`t seen this side of her before. Now she looks like a military officer or a biker, but good she smells...It is a divine aphrodisiac, that organic oil with actual gold in it, what she wears - that the slave is familiar of and so he surrenders and drops in a subspace.


At first, Mistress takes one red rope, 16 meters long. With that, he already makes sure the slave is not going anywhere. Then she gets another meter and carefully ties his balls and thriving cock with that. Tying up a slave is one of her favorite acts and she wants to take some time for it, so she does it sensually, even that she looks like an officer and so the slave is forgetting all his troubles while getting enormously aroused. Mistress finds that amusing and gets strong magnets which she puts on to his nipples and balls. When she is done with the bondage, she still plays a little with the magnets, takes them off, squeezes the slaves nipples hard and then leaves the room. She says something on her way, but the poor slave can`t hear what, because of the soundproof hood.


When two hours have passed the slave is wondering if she will return at all for a whole night.


-Now he knows how it feels like to wait, in vain, Mistress gringes outside, pouring herself a cup of tea.



Evening fantasy part 3


When she returns to the room the slave is sweaty. It`s hot in there with the hood and the ropes have been really tight. He has struggled in them a little, trying to get them to loosen up, but failed. Mistress sees this in one glimpse.


So she unties him, slowly again, taking her time and rubbing her ass and breasts on him in a meanwhile in a barely noticeable way. It is more like a breeze, her touch; it is simply impossible to grab her for a slave and he knows it. It is over before it even started and again it burns his skin constantly, inside! He feels her in his soul deeply but is still so very afraid to show that to her in a fear of losing, everything, what he used to know as his life.


Mistress is now admiring the marks of the rope on slaves skin and caresses them gently. Slave even feels her kissing his wrists - once each and feels very unworthy, but yet touched in the core of his spine. She opens the hood enough that a slave can see by taking off the strap attached to it as a blindfold and looks deep into his eyes and says: -I chose you. Amongst all, hundreds of others in line...I chose you. That means it is not just ok to show all your feelings to me, but mandatory. If you are not wise enough to do that voluntarily, I will hunt you down and keep in place as long as you are ready. I want to taste your tears, see your body dripping sweat like now and when you scream the sadness away from your heart and lungs, I`ll press your head in between my breasts and my heartbeats will give you the strength you need to carry on and let go.


All this slave doesn`t hear very well, but he can read it from her bright, red lips so there is no mistake or questions left.

The slave doesn`t know what is happening, but he feels suddenly it is safe to be here, right now and always and that the Mistress will listen, understand and guide him even in his darkest hour.


Mistress takes his hood off and the slave is crying. He falls on his knees and begs for mercy. How could he be so stupid earlier? He had tried to guard his heart long enough living in an illusion - settling for a dull life with no meaning on it beside his work. So many wasted years, wasted months, hours - not alone, but also not seen, recognized as who he was.


As he was naked now in front of Mistress' eyes he was finally ready to give more than his word. This was the moment Mistress had been waiting for. The need for a slave to speak was hanging heavily in the thin air above them. Mistress could sense it, but enjoyed the tension. She wanted still to prolong it.

Her sadistic needs were not yet complete.



Night fantasy, the finale


When Mistress was in the mood for a serious play she wanted the protocol to be followed strictly. For slave it meant that he had to answer in simple ways; Yes, milady, No milady or I do not know, milady. He was not allowed to speak, but he could ask for a permission to speak and now he really intended to. Right, when the words were about to rise to his lips, Mistress spoke first:


I am going to take your ass outside now. It is a lovely summer night there and I want out of this house. We are going to take a little ride. Put your pants on.


The slave did as asked, opened the door for her and they stepped outside where the sun was still up 10 pm, but birds were gone to sleep. Mistress took the lead and opened the doors to her red sports car. Just when the slave was about to sit to the front seat she said: -Oh no, what do you think? Do NOT think! Obey as I want you to travel in a trunk. The slave had no choice but to climb in it because her voice was so demanding. Soon they were on the road.


After some time the car stopped. Mistress opened the trunk and told the slave to follow her to the shore, full of big rocks and a few trees. They were by the sea, he knew it by the smell, but didn`t recognize the place. There was no sign of any other people, it looked like the last place on earth for anyone to visit in the middle of the night - there was absolutely no houses or lights in sight. Only the sound of two swans rising to their wings from the water reached his consciousness.


She told him to strip naked again and attached a collar and a leash to his neck. Then she leads him to the rocks. -Now I want you to lie on your stomach and hug that big stone, as hard as you can. Hug it like your life would be dependable on it, because the time has come for you to receive your true punishment, Mistress said. Slave did as told. The stone was very cold.


You piece of shit...I told you that I love you, didn`t I? Do you think that your behavior afterward is acceptable? You know very well that I was waiting all this time for you to inform me about what is going on in your head. It was one simple message you needed to send or a call, email even. What did you do slave?


-Nothing milady, nothing! I am so, so sorry. I am so very afraid to make changes in my miserable life. I was also so sad, the funerals the other day were hard. I do not know what I want or what I am capable of. I need you to show me.


Mistress feels these words true in her heart. She takes her red 4ft bullwhip and starts to crack it in the air behind the slave. The slave has not experienced this before. He has always been into an impact play, but not bullwhips or single tails really. He concentrates on breathing through his nose and out from his mouth, as Mistress has taught him to do.


That helps when the first strike comes. It hits so hard that the pain slave feels pushes him straight to this white, electric state of mindset where there is nothing else but that and a moment, feeling of being alive. Another strike lands to his back, not to his ass as he has used to. The third one comes closer and reaches almost his nipples, but not quite, since he is laying on that cold rock.


Each strike leaves a visible mark to slaves bare skin. She carries out the punishment, the sacred whip dance, offering of love to her slave in utmost care and the closer he gets to bleed, the redder he becomes the more her heart beats to him. She is incredibly aroused thinking that she is giving something new to this slave to experience and something that he`d never forget.


When the first 121 strikes are being delivered she goes closer and admires her work. The slave is unsure if she is done with him now.


Did you count the strikes slave? -No, I did not Mistress. I did not know I needed to.

-Always, always you should. That keeps you aware more and concentrated on your punishment and me. That was 120 and this means I am not done yet.


Another 80 and the slave is on the edge of fainting. Mistress sees that in time and draws him to her lap, under the blanket. She keeps him there for the rest of the night, cleans his backside with salt water and they sit and watch the moon rising over the sea. They both know now there is no rush to anywhere.

The inevitable has been fulfilled.

They are one.





Lady Muse controls our sex life, so when she walked in on me jacking off I knew I was in deep trouble. She tied me down and gave my cock a sound thrashing with a riding crop, then told me my real punishment would come when she had time. That was two days ago. Today she leads me into the den and ordered me up onto the pool table. My heart was racing, as I know what usually happens here; usually, it means some very painful cock and ball torture. Lady Muse is very inventive and I never know what to expect. I covered the pool table with plastic, then a sheet, then climbed up on it and laid down on my back as directed. She then tied me tightly spread eagle with ropes at my ankles and wrists going through my pockets and tied to the frame. I knew from past experience there was no escaping whatever she had in mind. I begged for her mercy and begged her to tell me what she was going to do, but all that fell on deaf ears. I was told to shut up and with this statement came hard slap to my balls. She brought in a tray and set up her implements where I couldn`t see them. I expected needles or maybe wax and most definitely a sound genital whipping. She then approached my cock with a ziplock bag and I watched in amusement while she cut a hole in the center of the bottom of the bag, then reaching inside pulled my cock and balls roughly through the hole. She pulled my cock and balls hard from my body and wrapped a shoe string tightly around the outside of the bag between my genitals and my body – effectively sealing my cluster inside the bag. She then zipped the bag up and inspected her work. She said, there, see! Now nothing can get to your cock and balls since they are mine and zipped up nice and safe inside this bag! She came at me with a needle and I cringed. I was terrified, my heart was pounding, but I knew better than to say a word. She proceeded to poke some small holes in the bag but never touched me with a needle. She said my cock needed to breathe inside the bag. She then left the room and returned about a half hour later. I couldn`t understand what was going on. That wasn`t very painful at all. I looked down at my cock and balls sealed inside a zip lock bag and wondered what she could possibly have in mind. Well, I soon found out.


She opened the ziplock bag and pulled out a small jar and brought it where I could see it. She opened it and I smelled a familiar smell; it was tiger balm, which was used externally to lungs when I had the flu. Only this time she had something else in mind. She then took a big needle on her hands again and moved slowly towards me. I started to realize that this was going to be extremely painful and begged for her mercy. She said that she was only going to do just a few very small cuts with it, but now when I opened my mouth she had to change the plan and go for 20. Like a professional surgeon, she started to work with it. It was not too painful since she only pushed the needle just enough that I knew there was a small cut and felt my cock coming on hot of tiny drops of blood. I closed my eyes and then felt a burning sensation on my balls. She had started to use the balm and when she was putting that there with cotton pads, the pain got worse and worse. Soon enough it was unbearable. Lady M giggled and toyed with the bag and pressed a soft kiss on my forehead. I knew she was now very horny and hoped that she would get bored watching me in agony soon. Finally, she did got bored and pulled off her panties and climbed on my face telling me to make her come if I ever wanted this to end. My cock felt like it had turned on just into a swollen burning mass of pain. About 15 minutes later she came, but it felt like an eternity. Then she got up and put on a kitchen timer and said that she´d be back in 30 minutes. All I could do was to nod.


At last, the bell ringed and she came back. She removed the shoestring and the bag and took cotton balls and started to sterilize my cock tenderly. The worse part of the pain was gone now and I got hard soon. She untied my hands and told me to wank. I started to whine about the pain and she slapped me a barehanded couple of times to my balls. I tried to rub my cock but the pain from touching was too intense. Another slap made me do it a little faster anyway. Soon I was close to an orgasm and she saw that. She said that I should stop now and came close to me. It was her privilege to make me come in the end.


She leaned on me and gave me her nipple to suck. At the same time, she took baby oil from the table and poured it on my cock and balls and started to pump me very softly. I felt her another hand going to my cluster and soon enough a finger to my anus. She lectured me on self-control and warned me that if she caught me so much as touching my dick again without her presence or promise, she would have to be even harder next time. She also informed me that I wouldn´t come for the next 14 days, but I´d still service her needs with my tongue and hands. I felt an orgasm coming up and right when she finished her sentence I came so hard that the sperm flew on her breasts and hands and I felt my world blackened in a realm of perfect ownership.



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