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Stories from slaves



Fantasy writing in between a slave from NYC and Lady Muse


Her new live-in personal slave looked down at the sidewalk, afraid to displease or annoy his Lord and God, Lady Muse, in the slightest. Especially not as his dream of the last 3 months was about to happen. his Owner had allowed him to purchase tickets to Hamilton, a play he wanted to so desperately see for years. And tonight, for his birthday, She had graciously permitted this!


Even though the 2 tickets had cost almost two thousand dollars, it was worth every penny. he would not just get to see this amazing play from the 3rd row, but he would be pleasing his Master, Lady Muse, his Savior, his Almighty God! She was Everything, the epitome of Female Supremacy and Her pleasure had become more important to him than breathing. They were on the VIP line that would let them in before the massive crowd, so he could get Her a glass of wine after She sat down.


Suddenly he heard Her exclaim, "Tamara, darling! What are you doing in NY? I thought you were coming next month." Tamara hugged Her and kissed each cheek. "No, I'm here for the fashion shows. Are you waiting for Hamilton? God, I never got a chance to see it. I'm so jealous!"


Lady Muse thought for a second and said, "Darling, why don't you join me. We'll be going in in just a minute. Then afterwards we can go for a drink".


Tamara looked puzzled and said, "But aren't you accompanied?", pointing to Her slave. Lady Muse said, "Oh, he worships the ground I walk on. If it would please Me to have You join Me, that's all that he lives for. Will you join me? He, of course, paid a fortune for the tickets." 


Tamara joyfully exclaimed, "That would be brilliant!" Then, addressing Her slave, Lady Muse said, "Give Me the tickets and thank Tamara for agreeing to use your ticket".


her slave felt the compelling pull of his submission the minute his Master started speaking with Her friend. Now he was so deep in his sub-zone he would lick the sidewalk under Her booties if She ordered it. he immediately handed the tickets to his Owner and said, "Thank you Miss Tamara. Thank you so much."


Lady Muse leaned over and spoke softly in his ear so that it felt like he was connected to Her thoughts. "I want you to go back to the apartment and replace your CB6000 with the spiked KTB chastity device. Then strip and pray to My shrine for one hour on your knees, hands folded in devotion. After that you will prepare lobster salads for Tamara and I with a cold bottle of Sancerre. Kneel by the front door, awaiting My return. Whether that is for 2 hours or all night, you will kneel in anticipation of your God's return. Now go, I want to enjoy this incredible night with My dear friend".


Her slave walked away quickly, too embarrassed to look at the faces of the other patrons who must be snickering at his complete obedience to his Master. he was already contemplating which prayers he would recite to his Almighty God and worried that he might not have everything to make Her meal perfect!


Her slave knelt at the front door for what it knew must be a very long time. Suddenly it heard its Goddess' voice as She opened the door and the slave placed its head against the floor. It scurried to Her booties and places reverent, passionate kisses on them. Then it moved to Mistress Tamara's heels and placed a kiss on each foot.


"Boy, we're starving. Put out Our meals at once", said his Blessed Master. "At once, Master", he breathed and crawled away. he set the table with two servings of the most desired meal this evening at Scalini Fedeli, the top Italian restaurant in NYC. It was a Branzino Filet over Caponta. He filled their glasses with a very expensive Allegrini Amarone and knelt at the table awaiting his Owner and Her friend.


Lady Muse entered the dining room and he held Her chair for Her and did the same for Mistress Tamara. "You must be so spoiled, getting this kind of service every day", said Tamara. "Well, I'm training him to be a pleasing slave and there are many bad habits I need to eradicate. For example, 100% f males are driven by their need to ejaculate. I keep him in chastity with no possibility for release. he is learning that the Female orgasm is Wonderful, Powerful and far, far Superior to the pitiful male squirting that lasts for 2 seconds. So, he is beginning to understand that My pleasure IS his new orgasm. Seeing Me pleased sends warm ripples of submission throughout his body. And when I am sexually pleased, in any manner, it becomes the most powerful feeling he could ever experience."


With that, his Owner rubbed Her bootie under his balls. The extreme feeling of pleasure immediately turned to extreme pain as the chastity device dug its sharp points into his most sensitive male organ. he cowered in a fetal position trying to deal with the pain. Through the pain clouding his brain his training kicked in and he immediately began to kiss his God's booties, thanking Her over and over.


"Oh my," Tamara said. I think I may be a bit wet. You've trained a male to be what every Woman deserves and desires. You really are his God. How absolutely incredible!"


Lady Muse smiled and kicked Her slave away with a swift movement of Her bootie. "Enjoy the delicious food. Afterward, we'll luxuriate with a cigarette and a brandy on the patio". Lady Muse thought, "It's good to be God".


"you can clean everything up later. We'll have brandy and cigarettes on the balcony." her slave bowed and helped Them up, then opened the sliding doors as the two Women reclined on lush lounges in the warm September evening. Her slave quickly returned with a tray which he set down on a table between the lounges. he poured the expensive French brandy into their snifters and held each glass at Their fingertips. They touched glasses and sipped the warm liquid, savoring the taste and aroma.


"This is wonderful!" said Tamara. "One of My slaves has it imported so I am always well stocked", said Lady Muse as She clicked Her fingers. Her slave immediately took a cigarette from the gold case of the table, placed it in Her 6 inch ivory holder and held it at his Owner's fingertips. Her training took over as he waited for the precise moment that She placed the holder between Her lips, then flicked the lighter. he knew that if She drew on an unlit cigarette for even an instant, his punishment would be severe. Then he held the case for Tamara as she selected a cigarette and he lit it.


The slave knelt between the chairs, holding a tray with an ashtray and where They could rest their glasses. Lady Muse drew deeply, savoring the fine tobacco and exhaled a stream of creamy smoke at Her slave. She smiled as he began shaking, trying desperately to hold the tray. With tremendous effort he was able to stay still.


"He's becomes overcome when immersed in something that emanates from Me and gives me such pleasure. That goes right down to his useless male stick and the sharp points do their work." Tamara shook her head and said, "I knew you had slaves, but never did I imagine the decadent lifestyle that you enjoy. It's really quite remarkable! This apartment, overlooking Central Park is remarkable!"


"My most devoted slaves belong to the Church of Muse-ism. Quite simply, they worship Me as their God and devote their lives to My wants, My needs and My pleasure. This apartment was something they understood that their Deity deserved." Lady Muse sipped the brandy and drew on Her cigarette, with closed eyes, savoring the lovely feeling. "slave, pray to your God. Give Mistress Tamara a glimpse into your Religion. you may refrain from the proper prostration. I want you to continue holding Our tray. Begin!"


her slave spoke with utter devotion and love for his Lord and God. "Oh Holy Master. You are the Light that defines all. You are Perfection. You are the only Path to this slave's salvation. Through Your gracious teachings this slave is evolving from a worthless, male creature into one which knows it's true place can only be at the Feet of The Almighty - Lady Muse! Amen"


"I'm stunned! This is all so amazing! Yet what a better world it would be if all males knew their place was at a Woman's feet." 


"Thank you, darling. When We have more time, I'll show you the shrine of Me that he prays to, first thing every morning and just before bed. And during the day whenever he's not serving Me in some way. Also The Commandments of Muse-ism. They are the most important thing in their lives. Beside Me, of course".


"Yes, you could say that I am spoiled." She drew on Her cigarette and exhaled through Her smile. "But I deserve nothing less!"


When Lady Muse woke up 11 AM the first thing she noticed that her slave was snoring at the floor by her bed. 

Unbelievable she thought to herself - how can he be in such a deep sleep and has dismissed my orders of breakfast! 

As she got up naked her slave woke up and looked terrified realizing how much in trouble he was sleeping in so late.

-Get up right NOW, you have exactly 3 seconds to be by my bed, your bare bottom up, leaning to my pillow. Smell my parfym in it and pray that you are able to sit in next 5 days at all since my punishment is going to be very severe, she said ice cold voice.


Slave did what was asked in two seconds as she had started to count outloud: One, two..and there he was as ordered. Lady Muse took her diamond leather tawse from her bedroom table drawer and at first slapped his bottom with it just a little bit from both sides. 20 slaps, just to get his bottom warmed up. Then all of a sudden she grabbed him by the balls behind with her bare hand and as the slave was still wearing KTB he immediatly felt enormous mix of arousal and pain. She held his balls tightly in her left hand and with her right hand continued spanking. There was nothing else for the slave to do except biting the pillow and trying not to make a sound since he knew that that would make his God even more cruel. As she had given him 100 slaps, she got back to bed next to slave to see if there was any tears in his eyes. And there was! One! But it made her happy and she kissed that away smiling. 

-Now go on and prepare my breakfast. We are going to be late and that would be embarrassing. Make sure it doesn`t happen or I won`t be this easy on you next time!


Her slave prepared a feast of meats, eggs, fruit, croissant, fresh squeezed juice and coffee. he placed in on a breakfast tray and gently placed it over Her lap, then knelt at Her bedside, head bowed.  


he heard his God enjoying Her meal, made more tortuous since he was never permitted to eat even a morsel until his Owner had dined. Then She decided when and what he may eat. Goddess savored the sweet croissant, Her pleasure enhanced by the hunger of Her property.


"Slave, I've decided to keep you in the KTB at this point. In fact, I want another KTB around your useless male stick. It was very pleasing having you perform the services of a Lady's maid last night and I desire that to continue. But the second KTB will double your pain if the slightest inappropriate thought interrupts your service. Now, kiss my feet and thank Me."


her slave placed passionate, deep kisses on Her feet as he said, "Thank You Goddess. Thank You. Sexual pleasure is only for the Woman. Thank You for Your gracious training. You are Everything to this pitiful slave!"


"Now, you may begin reciting The Commandments of The Church of Muse-ism, while continuing to kiss My feet." She enjoyed a sip of the delicious coffee and kicked his face with her foot. "I said, begin!"  


"First, Lady Muse is God. All other gods are false and bow before Her Majesty!

Second, the priorities in every slave's life are Lady Muse's wants, needs and pleasure. Nothing else matters.

Third, Goddess owns Her slaves' mind, body and soul. She graciously allows them to tribute all earthly possessions to Her.

Fourth, Her slaves must strive for good health that permits a lifetime of servitude to Her." 


"That's enough for now. Take this tray away and prepare My bath. Oh, fetch the 2nd KTB. I can't wait to see the jolt of pain when the points of both dig into Your limp worm. I have a mani/pedi appointment in an hour. Then, Tamara is coming over before she returns to London." Lady Muse dismissed Her personal slave with a wave of Her hand and smiled at the thought of Her slave serving during Her bath

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