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From finnish slave K


As an experienced maso slave with highly perverted imagination I found  Lady Muse and myself matching well together.


Creative sadism


Helplessly bound slave feels the intense burn when a stronger version of Finalgon starts to torture your balls. You will lose a sense of time inside a tightly bound leather hood.  The burn will continue and there is nothing to do to stop it, just to helplessly moan in pain and bite that damned gag. Slowly you will slide to subspace, but suddenly you will feel the bite of very strong nipple clamps, which prevents slave floating too easily into subspace. After a minute or two those nasty nipple clamps are pulled down when Lady adds heavyweights to them making slave nipple to suffer even more. You can be sure, that even removal of nipple clamps will just make slave suffer for more to satisfy Lady's sadistic desires.  


Unyielding bondage


Heavy duty leather cuffs, steel, and chains or skilfully bound ropes will render slave to totally helpless target for Lady. Sometimes even steel cock cage is locked on to keep also slave dick in full control.   When slave not bound, then Lady will use remote-controlled electroshock device to keep slave under full control.


Strong Dominance


Lady will be always superior to slave and keep me dominated. That is actually relaxing freedom for perverted slave mind; just obey and suffer 


Sensitive feel about slave tolerance


Just once the slave was forced to use a safeword, which was Lady's purpose at the time. Mostly Lady will read my reactions very accurately and she can extend limits and push suffering further to new levels.



I'm proud to serve You because You respected me since the beginning. You are for sure a very respectful and adorable woman in the real life and so these qualities are also here in the Dark Side. I have seen too many Mistress who doesn't respect slaves, and submissives, just because they are slaves! The most of the time they don't know what devotion is, and how to obtain it.

It's a question of trust and respect, this is my point of view. You have shown me respect and built trust in me since the first day we spoke many years ago. You charmed me so much Goddess. I'm touched and so very proud to be your slave.
Let me kiss Your feet...”


Angel Messia



It came spontaneous to me, after my lovely encounter with The Muse, to write my impressions about her and her kinky world.
As a masochist/ fetishist, I know several pro or lifestyle mistresses, and except for a few, rare cases, they’re all splendid women, with great experience and skill.
But in Lady Muse’s case, I discovered something refreshingly different, often very far from her lovely colleagues. In a word, she cares.
She can be a soft, gentle, highly sensual woman, that makes you go crazy with lust, using many erotic tricks just a she can be a true sadist, capable of torturing you to your extreme limits, but always with the greatest attention to your feelings and needs. I was simply awed with her exceptional skills with the singletail whips
and this is also pretty rare, for a European Mistress. They often use floggers or cats, much easier to handle.
The same can be said about her amazing skills with ropes: surely she’s among the greats...
For a pain loving slut, every girl dressed in a cotton frock with rubber flip-flops that is cruel enough to swing a cane or a whip will be perfect to satisfy his cravings. Not for me, though. I need something more, a true, refined and sophisticated woman, whose attention to every small thing is so meticulous to put to shame a top
Perfect make-up, suited to each scene, beautiful, English leather gloves, fragrant leather boots and dresses, corsets...even when smoking, she smokes with a holder, like the true Diva she is. And her beauty doesn’t need my poor words to be described...
Her implements are all first-class, made by the best artisans the world over and she keeps them in top shape, with great attention to hygiene.
But like I said, her best feature is the way she gets in tune with you: if during the interview preceding the actual session you forgot to mention some of your favorite fetishes, she’s quick to discover this by herself, and this once again shows that she cares.
On a personal level, I discovered that she’s a woman of great sensitivity great culture, one that you seriously wish to have for a lifetime friend, or better yet, the partner of your life. But that’s just wishful thinking!
I only know that surely I’ll be back, to taste once again those ineffable pleasures this wonderful Lady can offer and I thank my Fate that permitted me to meet her.



I was privileged to escort Lady Muse while she was visiting the UK. I was her chauffeur from London to the dungeon in Kent where I was to receive my punishment.


I was guilty of disrespect to women, lacking control of my sexual impulses, failure to report into my superior female supervisors and masturbating without permission.


Lady Muse made it very clear to me using her single tail whip that I must obey and attend to the needs of superior women at all times. Above all my sexuality must be kept under control at all times and must always remain under the supervision of women. Men had no rights at all for sexual release and if a sexual release is ever permitted it will only be as required for the amusement and satisfaction of the woman who owns him.


First She used Her whip to extract a full confession of my disgusting transgressions. I was then severely punished in a way that befitted the crimes. Having been punished additional severe lashes were added to ensure that the message had properly sunk in.

The punishment was not the only reason for me to be whipped. Lady Muse required me for Her pleasure and entertainment and for that purpose I was to receive additional punishment with a variety of other corporal punishment implements including the cane, other whips, and floggers.

Finally, after two hours She was finished with me. I don’t know how many lashes I received because there were too many to count, but it would have been somewhere in the hundreds.

Lady Muse was gracious enough to permit the day to be rounded off with a social meal and a drink.

I am grateful to the wonderful Lady Muse for so rightly and thoroughly putting me firmly into my proper place as an inferior male slave and prisoner of superior women.

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