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At Demonic`s Dungeon, Kent

Last week in London was very satisfying for me in more ways than one. I always love to visit there for the variety of shopping and the cool vibe. First few days I was traveling with my Lady friend from Finland so eventually I did not have time or interest to spare for willing servants. Often the accompany of another Female and quality time spent together only is very important! I did visit History museum in South Kensington and went shopping to Oxford Street and it was a beautiful day.

On Thursday I was accompanied by a hardcore bottom to Kent who I was going to play RACK for as long as I would be satisfied...He picked me from my apartment and drove me to Demonic`s Dungeon. I was assured by his driving skills immediatly and so the drive was more on a quiet side me building the energy for the evening and watching scenery. I had been very sick prior to my departure at Helsinki and was still coughing and wanted to save my energy. When arriving to Kent we had lunch and then met Master Keith and got to know about his dungeon.

The place was in 4 floors and it was much bigger and more equipped that I ever imagined based on photos that I had seen prior to my arrival. There`s a big dungeon in the cellar, but also in the upper floor along with a bedroom. All the beds had cage underneath which I thought was super good. There were three bedrooms and a clinic plus Master Keith`s own private space. All the bedrooms had bathroom close to them which was also very neat. Downstairs there`s a little get together area and a big kitchen with all the facilities. Small backyard became my favorite soon since there was some couches, fishes, pony carriage, a small grave for Master Keith`s dog and his rock as he described her, Joy who had past away 3 years ago and a Harley and starlight during the nights which is the best light for smoking in leather...

I got dressed up and commanded my prisoner downstairs with me and undress. The story of a session is to be found from the testimonials section as a last one on a page. In two hours I had marked him so utterly and completely that I saw it was better to give him a break and head to the dinner to the pub next door.

The next evening I was being invited to the club at South London by Master Keith and his very lovely collared sub Jessica Rabbit. There was not much people in there, but the play space was pretty big and active. Sadly it was just too dark in there and I did not see anyone interesting to play with. I watched Master Keith caning his sub for some time and right in the end of the evening gave a door man a little 5 minute lesson of how to kneel for pain by twisting his nipples very hard and how to kneel for me in my protocol. He asked for it and got it.

The last day I enjoyed spending some time with Countess Dionysus and her sissy maid Susie who was wearing different clothes every time I saw her at the building in 3 days! Countess took very good care of her giving her orders constantly and I made some observations of her enthusiasm to be in service.

The most amazing thing for me was that I did not know in advance where I was going to...that Demonic`s Dungeon is owned by THE Master Keith who I remember first time seen in a first english BDSM book I ever bought from abroad: Rituals of Love. This was 20 years ago and it suddenly hit me that those black and white photos was of this same person standing now alive and well there! In that book there is some interviews of different kind of couples and their relationships and Master Keith was talking about his pony girls and was in a photos with two of them. During the weekend I found him great fun, very direct and also a very intelligent man devoted to the lifestyle 100 %. I would say we became friends - he told me it was very refreshing to meet an honest person and we shared lots of stories of both of our lives. His sub made a comment that our background was a bit like the same as long as it comes to doing body piercings and parties and starting living the lifestyle long time ago.

My deepest gratitude for everyone I met on my journey and I look forward to return to UK again as soon as possible!

Jessica Rabbit walks with these kind of heels ALWAYS


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