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What Viking women did

My ancestors used to get married based on how much food, valuable objects and other comfort and security men brought back home from their raids. Many women participate to those raids as well, but those who stayed at home with children took marriage as a one year at the time kind of a contract. If a man failed to keep the family satisfied, She was allowed to leave the marriage without questions. That was an honorable deal for both of spouses which motivated males also to strive more in order to keep the flame burning bright.

My real great great grandmother (35 generations back) was a Queen with 4 children, so she was not at the battle field. Nevertheless she was not afraid to make difficult decisions and harsh judgement when she felt threatened. She stayed married with my great great grandfather, Viking King Ragnar Lodbrok until she was killed. The legend tells that one of her sons then turned against his father, that was Ivar and he was the most brutal of them all. He, the snake eye, is the line where I come from.

I have been in a process of finding a reliable sissy maid and while doing the interviews and test sessions I have again encountered the same question often: how can a slave contract be valid only for 3-6 months? That is the time I suggest as a first period of commitment. It is a chance to see and re-valuate the contract for both in D/s commitment after a test period and speak then totally openly if it pleases both or not.

Just like my ancestors I want to see in a good time if a male is worth keeping for...

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