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TAFF fetish factory 2018

Last night there was a biggest fetish event in a year here at Tampere where I live. I have been going to these parties since 1992, but now for many years already only about once a year if not even that. Yet it is always so delightful to see how much effort all the volunteers do for these parties and especially the amount of effort which kinky people put to their clothing. The house was full and I would guess there was at least 300-400 people there. Everything was very well organized and equipped.

Latex by Tiina Rikala presented her new collection with a theme "Alice in Wonderland." My good friend Venomous Demise was modeling again as one of the models and the whole show was just marvellous mini version of the story itself. Follow #latexbytiinarikala in Instagram and in Facebook to see her latex clothes - she is amazingly talented and a wonderful designer who I have known now for almost 20 years.

Thank you Rsyke, the organization putting up the party and many kinky friends - old and new I met last night. It was a blast!


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